Our Team

Amanda Moon

Dietitian and Nutritionist


Amanda is extremely passionate about helping people who are struggling with how they physically feel and want to make changes to their diet and lifestyle in order to feel their best. She loves sharing her knowledge and experiences with people who do not know where to start, are confused by conflicting information available, or are yet to find an approach that works for them.

Amanda thrives on learning – from reading, listening, watching, thinking and reflecting, but particularly values what she learns from her patients. They know themselves better than anyone, and she values them guiding her with what they feel comfortable trying – whether it be small progressive diet changes, an elimination diet, providing nutritional and probiotic supplementation, or starting with tests to provide more insight.

Over the years, she has immersed herself in different theories of causes, treatments and dietary strategies for a range of health conditions. Some are well-researched and backed by medical practitioners, while others are considered more ‘alternative’. While she believes in considering evidence-based approaches first, she also believes in seeking guidance from emerging therapies if needed. Each person that comes to see her in clinic has a unique story to tell, and will sometimes need a unique way to help.

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The Choice of Living Health Centre is a Greenacres-based medical clinic that focuses on balancing the mind and body to achieve inner health. To achieve this, we facilitate a skilled team of multi-disciplinary health practitioners in order to deliver integrated patient care that fosters optimal health and well-being for the individual.